Karabakh Foundation

October 18 - October 31 2010

Karabakh: Photographs of Home
Glimpses of the Karabakh Region of Azerbaijan, 1900s-2010

The exhibit shows photos of landscapes, people and architecture of this very important region in Azerbaijan called Karabakh. Photographs by Dmitry Egorov, Zaman and the Aliyev Foundation (in Azerbaijan).

The Karabakh Foundation seeks to increase awareness and understanding in the United States of the cultural heritage and traditions of the country of Azerbaijan, the Caucasus area, and the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. While coalescing significant artistic and scholarly talent, the Foundation is nurturing a new generation of artists and scholars toward important accomplishments.

What are the Foundation’s desired outcomes?

The Karabakh Foundation strives to: afford Americans and others firsthand, local, and online transformative experiences regarding the cultural, linguistic, historic, social, political, and global impact of Azerbaijan and its regions and Turkic cultures in general; inspire and support young scholars engaged in the study of Azerbaijani, Turkic, and/or Caucasus topics, including fostering academic exchanges between Azerbaijan and the United States; generate concrete and reliable information for media coverage related to the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan; solidify networks and platforms for East-West cultural exchange and Azerbaijani representation in major festivals and celebrations of the art stimulate increased travel to and from Azerbaijan; contribute to improved cultural diversity in U.S. school curricula and systems; build a body of English-translation Turkic-language scholarly works and disseminate these publications in book form and on the Web; and facilitate networking, including online social networking, among young Azerbaijani professionals with roots from the Karabakh region, as a means of reinforcing and sharing heritage.